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Ways to Give

Why the Y? For a Better us ANNUAL CAMPAIGN

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The Y each year makes an appeal to YMCAs, Alumni, Y Staff and Boards across the country with the goal of supporting the only YMCA on a Native American reservation. We have a goal of raising $300,000 this year to help us get through the rest of 2023. This Y has always relied on our Y family, and this year is no different, we are Stronger Together.
We believe in you. Thank you for believing in us. We cannot do any of this without the help from our communities near and far.

Ways to help the Y during the campaign that do not involve donating

  • Commit to Volunteering or sending a Volunteer groups out here in 2024

  • Share our Facebook Page, Website, or Campaign Pages

  • Send us items for the community: Coats, gloves, unopened under garments, school supplies, Lice kits, first aid supplies, bug spray, sun block, bleach, dish soap, bed sheets, blankets, board games, etc.



Click here to pledge today!

Ignite Transformation through Giving

At the YMCA Seven Council Fires, we're not just building stronger communities – we're forging connections that last a lifetime. And now, you have the power to make an indelible mark with our seven unique donation levels. No matter what your capacity to give, there's a place for you in our mission to create healthier, happier communities.

Click here to pledge today

$250-$999: The Kindle. Warm hearts and build bridges as you play a pivotal role in our community outreach.


$1,000-$4,999: The Spark. Stoke the flames with a contribution that lays the foundation for lasting change


$5,000-$9,999: The Blaze. Fuel the passion for positive change, lighting the way for those in need.


$10,000-$14,999: The Inferno. Your generosity burns brightly, shaping the YMCA's future and the lives it touches.


$15,000-$19,999: The Wildfire. Help us spread the warmth of community across the region and beyond.


$20,000-$49,999: The Beacon. Your support shines like a beacon of hope, guiding us towards a brighter future.


$50,000+: The Phoenix. Your extraordinary gift rises like a phoenix, rekindling the spirit of transformation.



Join us in the journey to kindle these flames of positive change, be it large or small. Your donation is not just an investment; it's a statement of your commitment to creating stronger, more connected communities. Together, we can light up lives and build a better, brighter future for all.


Ignite Transformation. Donate to YMCA Seven Council Fires today.

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Giving Every Month Club (GEM) 

Want to sustain the community year round? You can join our GEM club with a monthly gift. This will allow us to utilize  your gift through out the year. 


Click here to email Brittany on how to be a GEM

Giving Tuesday 2023

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Giving Tuesday was developed as a way to pause after Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. That is a lot of back to back spending. Giving Tuesday offers a way for you to give in this time of getting. Click here to learn more about Giving Tuesday.

YMCA Camp Marrowbone is looking to use today as a challenge to you to help us fill a cabin! Our goal is $1,000 per cabin to keep camp accessible to all who want to attend our transformational program. I wonder how many cabins we can fill…


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