Global Indigenous Youth Summit (GIYS)

What is GIYS?

The Global Indigenous Youth Summit (GIYS) is a conference designed to create a safe environment for indigenous and under-represented youth. Founded in understanding, compassion, and trust, it connects and provides youth with a safe place to share their stories. GIYS helps indigenous youth expand their worldview through listening to the success of others, empowers them to develop solution based approaches to the inequities they face, and builds a community on a global scale.

When and where is GIYS?

The summit will be held virtually via zoom.

   April 24th, 2021 

Noon Mountain Time

Who can attend GIYS?

Anyone! This conference is open to anyone looking to make a better future for Indigenous youth, populations, and communities

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Contact our Senior Youth Development Director: Mark Barron


Y Phone: 605.365.5232

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 218

Dupree, SD 57623