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Service with a Purpose

What are tiny homes and twigs?

Partnered with the YMCA Alumni National Service Project (NSP) we are addressing the housing crisis and expanding the Y's reach across the reservation.


Tiny homes are transitional and sustainable housing for single mothers built by YMCA Alumni and volunteers like you!  Think of Habitat for Humanity with a Y twist. Anyone is free to join.

We have a main site in Dupree (on the west side of the reservation) and our resident camp (on the east end of the reservation). So what are we doing for the other 19 communities across the area? Great question, we are going to build twigs in 10 communities' strategically around CRST. If you think of a Y branch, they are huge facilities, to scale that down we get a 'Twig.' Twigs are going to be small anchors scatter across the reservation to give us a physical presence represented by a local advisory board. 


“We welcome active YMCA professionals, friends and family members to join us this year or on one of next year’s work weeks.” Says Craig Altschul

The 2023 waves are as follows, please click here to register:

Wave 1 May 9 - 16
Wave 2 May 16 - 23
Wave 3 May 23 - 30
Wave 4 May 30 - June 6

Wave 5 Sept 12 - 19

Wave 6 Sept 19 - 26

Wave 7 Sept 26 - Oct 3

Wave 8 Oct 3 - 10

Y A NSP 2022.jpeg


We have always stood by the best practice of community input. The motto "you can't talk about us, without us" was at the fore front of this community engagement project. From the conception either from community needs assessments or to focus groups, our community has guided this project. 



The Y has an endowment of over $1 million. With your support to our endowment campaign you can successfully help futures to come. The endowment is used for the upkeep and continued maintained for our properties. If you would like to keep our sustainability growing, please click the button below. 




The YMCA Alumni have led a successful fundraising campaign. Click below to help us get the to the finish line. 

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Contact our Volunteer Coordinator: Sky Krakos


Y Phone: (605) 365-5232

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 218

Dupree, SD 57623

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