Our oldest campers, the Leaders- and Counselors-in-Training, stay in tipis that they help set up and maintain! It is their home of the two weeks they are at Camp Marrowbone.

Gaga is one of camp's ultimate favorite games. We have one located centrally so that all can partake and get their competitive juices flowing!

The TECA office awarded camp grant funds in 2017 to build a green house and garden down at camp. Kid's spend time tending the vegetables and helping prep them to be eaten during meal time!

The waterfront is a popular place at camp. Campers can try their hand at kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding in the boating area. Watch out for the wind!

The Archery Range is another part of camp. Learn how to string a bow and hit the target. And if you don't get it the first time, that's okay, just try again!

The World Building, as we call this painted building, is a popular hangout. The top serves as our stage for talent shows and gives the best views of camp. Plus our group photos at the end of each week turn out awesome!

Our library offers a quiet book nook to read, rest our brains, and on hot days, it is the perfect place to practice new skills like the ukulele. 

Camp fires are an essential part of the camp spirit. We sing songs and perform skits and sometimes there is even a little magic!

Our swim area at camp offers kids of all swim abilities a safe place to swim within their skill level. Supervised by lifeguards and the counseling staff, the campers can't get enough of the cool water of Lake Oahe. 

Our playing field is home of intense dodgeball tournaments, sneaky capture the flag games, soccer matches, and so much more! Grab your cabin and come join the fun!

Our cabins are little sanctuaries for campers, where they can get to know their cabin mates, play quiet games in the evening, and get a good nights sleep!

Our flagpole area is where we start off each morning. We raise different flags each day and discuss interesting facts about those countries or states! 

"I love paddleboarding at camp!" -Randen, age 11


Contact our Camp Director: Anthony Summers

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Camp Phone: 605.733.2652

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